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There is no bad time to give your children a small break from their studies so that they can enjoy active time outdoors, no matter the weather. However, unless you motivate them to undertake exercise, it’s likely that they will just use the free time to play video games and check through their social media posts.

To help you introduce small amounts of exercise into your child’s routine without them becoming bored and losing interest, below are some great ways to incorporate small bursts of exercise into a daily routine.

Take a Walk

A short walk after eating a heavy meal at dinner time is a great way to help your body digest and to also get in some incidental exercise. After dinner has been completed and the dishes have been washed, take a walk around the block or to the local store to pick up some dessert items. If walking turns into a regular form of exercise, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Sperry Top Sider to get some sports shoes to ensure you don’t cause injury during your exercise.

Play a Game

Of course, you don’t want to be playing games in the kitchen. However, if you have something simmering before it is ready to serve or some food items are cooling down, take 10 minutes to play a quick game of tag or cricket. Even just 10 minutes of running around being silly is effective at getting their muscles active and working. To keep them interested, let them choose the game on alternating days.

Home Workouts

If you already have equipment in your home that you use for a home workout routine, invite your children to learn about what you are doing and to join in on small parts of your routine. Not only is this a great way to spend some bonding time with your children but it is a great way to show them by example just how beneficial exercise can be. Again, a simple walk on a treadmill or exercise bike is enough to get their heart rate up.

Local Sports

It is likely that there is a number of sports around your area, all of which your child will be able to participate in. Speak with your child about any sports interest they have and look to register them in a local matching team. While this could mean that you will be spending your weekends at children’s sports matches, the health benefits that they will gain will be well worth it when you see their brains and bodies growing healthily.

In addition, team sports are a great way for children to learn how to interact with other children along with how to achieve a shared goal as part of a team.

Exercise is important to every child’s physical and mental development and forms part of any healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling to get your children interested in exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, these are some great ways for you to do just that!

Sport is not only a fun way for children to get some exercise but also an essential tool that helps to teach them valuable life lessons. From learning self-discipline to understanding more about teamwork, cooperation, commitment and sportsmanship, playing sport is something every child should do; however, some parents find it harder than others to convince their little ones that sport is a good idea. These tips can help parents to encourage their children and teach them to love sport.

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Avoid overload

Some parents may want their children to try a number of different sports and may overload them with choice, leaving them confused and unsure as to what they enjoy. Other parents may solely focus on one sport and their children may feel pressured into performing. Ease your child in slowly and let them learn the rules and how to play at their own pace.

Let them decide

If you enjoyed ballet as a child, this does not necessarily mean your daughter will! Letting children have some say in the sport they play is a good way to involve them; if they decide they no longer enjoy what they are doing, listen to them. With the high level of obesity in children, it is not a bad thing to insist your child plays a sport, but let them decide what they prefer and where their interests are. If they enjoy swimming, a water sport may be best; if they prefer running around with a ball, soccer or rugby may be a better option.

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Enforce commitment

Before your child signs up for a sport, make it clear to them that they are making a commitment. If they leave, they may let the team down; therefore, they need to persevere for at least a suitable length of time before the call it quits. Children enjoy working together towards a common goal. If you buy football team kits from a supplier such as, make it clear that this is because your child is part of a unit and needs to behave as such.

Play for fun

Sport should always be fun and children should enjoy themselves. Don’t focus on the score or the overall result; instead, focus on doing their best. This will encourage them to keep trying and persevere.

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